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How you learned to analyze texts with rhetorical tools

MLA formatting
2 pages
No works cited page needed unless you quote someone
Now that youve finished a semester of academic writing in RWS , I want you to tell me how youve grown as a writer and scholar.
Youll be telling me a story, but youll be making specific points along the way. This should be written in paragraph form, with an introduction, thesis, body paragraphs, and a conclusion, as you tell me about your journey this semester.
You get to pick the topics you discuss (Ill list some suggestions below). You can use any tone or diction you would like (formal, academic, conversational, humorous, etc.). You dont have to cite anything in particular, but you should discuss specific instances, from your work, writing, or research that showcases the things youre discussing.
You can also speculate on how the writing skills youve developed in this class will be utilized in your academic and professional careers to come.
Possible Topics:
How outlining helped your writing
How you learned to craft a specific thesis statement.
How you learned to analyze texts with rhetorical tools
Study habits you improved upon.
The evolution of your writing from paper one to three.
Struggles with academic writing, or research, you overcame (figured out).
How you overcame the evil beast known as MLA citations and formatting.
How taking advantage of seeing a tutor, fellow, or professor helped your writing.
How you learned to use rhetorical tools to argue your own points.