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Human dignity centered ethics in management

1. Read the attached article fromMea & Sims (2019) that presents the Human Dignity-Centered Framework that business leaders can use in their management style.2. Read the second attached article by Cafferkey. The Michael Cafferkey article it’s actually a call for people to start exploring research in the areas of motivational theory and how people are motivated ethically and legally3. Using the Human dignity centered framework, examine one of the motivational theories from Cafferkey’s writing (behaviorism, need-hierarchy, theory x & theory y, two-factor theory, JCM, Equity Theory, expectancy theory, goal setting or social cognitive theory).4. In your examination, discuss the ethical and legal foundations of your chosen motivational theory, examples of it found within Biblical text, and discuss how it fits (or doesnt) with the Human Dignity-Centered Framework.Describe how scripture and human dignity can be used in business5. Conclude the writing defending the above opinion.6. Use 12 substantial journal article sources in your writing.7. Must be at least 10 pages in length not including cover and reference page.8. APA format reference page at the endRecap: Start the writing with a legal and ethical foundation background of the motivational theory you’ve chosen to write about. Give some examples of the theory found within the biblical text and finally answer if whether the motivational theory fits with human dignity center framework presented or