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Human Resource Management – topic – employee engagement – catering staff working at a football stadium. casual staff ‘zero hours’ work on match days.

This coursework, your project proposal,providing information on the What, Why, How conceptually and How practically1 of yourresearch idea. The purpose is to show the reader you have managed to arrange your projectresearch ideas into a logical account of research intention; and that these plans are justifiableand achievable. It requires you to think clearly about your research questions, researchstrategy, methods and relevant literature.Your Project proposal should follow a traditional social sciences approach and comprise thefollowing sections: Title Introduction / (organisational) context of the proposed study Literature review Research questions or objectives or hypotheses Research design and methodology, including research ethics consideration Research methods data collection and sampling (if relevant) Resource requirements Limitations, including an identification of contingency plans, where relevant Project plan including time line/Gantt chart References