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Identify a single idea from each of the sources that we have read this semester (Nietzsche, Kant, Mill, Aristotle, and Pieper/Aquinas) that you find philosophically interesting (i.e., that says something important about the themes we have explored in the course). Divide the answer into five distinct sections, one for each of the sources

Identify the idea you find philosophically interesting. State it clearly and concisely.Show where you find the idea in the text. Cite the text. You may simply put the page number in parenthesis.Explain why you find the idea philosophically interesting. What are the implications of taking the idea seriously? How does it relate to other ideas we have explored in the course? How might one object to the idea? How might the author respond to the objection you have singled out for attention? Might the objection prompt a revision of the authors idea?You should write at least 500 words in each section. When you are finished with the essay, do a word count, and put it at the bottom of the final page.For Pieper Happiness and Contemplation we only used chapter 5