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Immunity to HIV

Research Paper Guidelines ANTH 102-3001

Research papers should be:

5-7 pages of text (approximately 1,250-1,750 words) figures and large tables do not count towards your page total.


One-inch margins

Times New Roman, 12-point font

Papers should be based on library or literature research, and should cite:

At least 5 references

Only 1 of these should be a web page this does not count journal articles that are downloaded from e-journal sources.

You will use the MLA citation format for both in-text citations and references.

Your paper will be evaluated based on the following elements:

Whether or not you turned in a paper proposal.

Proper format as outlined in section I above.

Proper number of references as outlined in section II above.

Proper citation format as outlined in section III above.

The thoroughness and adequacy of your research did you delve into the literature enough to fully understand and