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Impact Analysis of Technology on Logistics in Supply Chain

which includes research methodologyresearch topicresearch proposalit is 27 page file which needs to be clearly red before starting the dissertationi have attached the ethical form file along with the dissertation module hand book .Dissertation module :::::hand book contains all the information you need on dissertation along with the steps you need to follow while arranging my final also contains the order of files in which dissertation should be arranged so please be careful will that .on the other hand follow the following frame work .Understanding the frameworkThis is only a guideline but the standard structure of a dissertation is:Title pageAbstractAcknowledgmentsContentsChapter 1: Introduction what, why and how (outline of what follows)Chapter 2: Literature surveyChapter 3: Methodological discussionChapter 4: Empirical data and research findingsChapter 5: AnalysisChapter 6: ConclusionReferencesAppendicesWhat is really important is connectedness: that the various parts of the dissertation fit together:the empirical data and analysis needs to relate back to the literature survey;the methodology has to be appropriate;the conclusions relate to the research question;the dissertation does what it claimed in the introduction; andthe title accurately describes the contents.Remember to make use of the resources available (for example, dissertation text books), to check your understanding of what constitutes a dissertation.A note about word count on this moduleAlso, please be aware that requirements for a dissertations vary amongst institutions, within institutions, disciplines, levels of study, etc. Please refer to your module handbook for specific details and specifications relevant to you.A note about word count on this moduleOn this dissertation module we do not operate the normal +/-10% tolerance on the word count.The maximum word limit is 15,000 and the minimum limit is 12,000. The dissertation must be between 12,000 and 15,000 words.What’s included in the word count?all the main substantive contentheadingstext tablesin-text citationsdirect quotationsfootnotesWhat’s excluded from the word count?title pagesabstractacknowledgementstable of contentsreference listappendicesnumeric data tablesA note about ‘the third person’ on this moduleGenerally in your academic writing and in your assignment for this module you are encouraged to find alternative ways of expression and avoid the use of ‘I’. ‘I’ should only really be used in your “Personal reflection” chapter.