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Impact of the Aging Generation

View the REQUIRED video below and discuss the following:**Reminder: include content from the assigned video. Videos must be viewed in this Canvas window. Do not open another window to view, do not view on a phone. Analytics are reviewed and points deducted for not completely viewing assigned videosThe rapid growth in the elderly population has been termed the “silver tsunami”For this assignment you will complete a course of your choice related to the Aging Population in America for a total of 1 hour of CNE.You may select (2) 0.5 hr of CNE or (1) hr of CNEPlease access the following website and select the drop down menu of CME and Education may need to register and set up a medscape account in order to accessComplete the selected course and upload the certificate along with a half to one page description of how the course answered the following questions:How will the healthcare system continue to provide high quality care?What does “healthy” mean to older adults?How do you think the rapidly increasing aging population will affect your nursing practice?Provide one interesting fact you learned from completing the CNE program Explored in this Assignment:1. Discuss the effects of healthcare over a person’s lifespan (CO #2,3)2. Relate current economic conditions to the increasing cost of health care (CO #1)