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Implications for managers 2

The human resource practices and policies are aligned to fit with the strategic goals of the company to withstand the competition in the environment and the prevailing market conditions. It is a management role that needs human resource procedures to support the organization to achieve its objectives by coming up with strategies that are integrated into the business strategy (Oriordan, 2017). Strategic human resource management function is meant to support goals by bringing on board all the through strategic planning to be able to integrate all the individual efforts into a team effort that enhances efficiency (Daley, 2012, p. 121). It is a deviation from the traditional practice of working separately that does not yield much result.Considering the organization I work for, it is quite useful in its recruitment procedures that are often rigorous. It is well known for recruiting the best brains, both skilled and quite knowledgeable on their respective areas of expertise. However, the human resource department is failing when it comes to training and development. They should keep up with the market dynamics that require frequent training and development of employees. HR must equip them with a range of new skills that would help them gain and maintain a competitive advantage in the ever-changing business environment. The different departments in the organization are also set to operate independently, with each department head reporting to the general manager without consulting other department heads.An improvement would, therefore, be desirable for the organization to achieve a competitive advantage when implementing strategies that manage and motivate employees to strive for higher performance, incentives, and the right competencies. It also includes equipping personnel with the right knowledge that is useful for planning and allocation of roles. The human resource department needs to continually be on the lookout to identify existing human resource gaps and fill them accordingly to boost productivity.The unitarist concept will be able to make the organization and assembly of interlinked personnel and stakeholders united towards a common goal, as a coherent team united by a common purpose and the organization is considered a harmonious whole (Waiganjo and Nge, 2012). On the other hand, to align operations with the propositions of strategic human resource management, the firm needs to change its recruitment and selection processes to ensure all new employees are effectively initiated and inducted into a unified culture of the organization that capitalizes on teamwork. It should also make good use of technology by adopting new and sophisticated technological advancements while also considering the skill set required among the employees in line with the changing technological landscape.People management is a critical component in any organization that needs to be treated with the utmost care. Theories like strategic human resource management help in the achievement of these goals by elevating the human resource to a strategic position to support activities aimed at directing and controlling the critical human resource component.THOUGHTS – please use academic journals only any 3 of your choice.