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In what areas of the organisations operating practice do you believe that the most significant changes will be required?

Reflecting on your Development PlanThroughout this module, you have been working towards the creation of your Personal Development Portfolio, a document which will stay with you throughout this programme and empower you to identify and achieve goals.In Week 2 of this Module, you were asked to make an initial entry in your Personal Development Portfolio. In that entry, you were required to think about the potential for change being required in your own employment environment, the extent to which those changes will impact on established ways of doing things and the possible nature of your own personal involvement in the change process.Now, with the benefit of the intervening weeks of discussion, we invite you to revisit those questions again in a slightly more detailed fashion.This week, you will complete the final phase of your assignment.Your assignment will be a document you will regularly revisit throughout your programme. Be sure to keep it in an accessible place so you can update it with new goals; reflections on your learning; and plans for further study, development and research. Review your assignment from Week 2.Complete the last part of your assignment – Reflecting on your assignment from week 2 and the comments receivedIn formulating your Assignment, consider the following questions: What do you now see as the most likely drivers for change in your own employment environment over the next 3-5 years? What type of opportunity and threat will be created by those change drivers? In what areas of the organisations operating practice do you believe that the most significant changes will be required? Who will be the main (external and internal) stakeholders whose views will need to be taken into account during the process of change? What are the core skills required of the change agent who is ultimately entrusted with the primary responsibility for achieving successful change? To what extent do you believe that you currently possess each of those core skills? What will you do over that 3-5 year period to remedy any perceived shortcomings in your current skills profile?WEEK 2 COMMENTSREFLECTIVE ACCOUNT AND CRITICAL ANALYSISThe initial requirement for this weeks PDP entry was an indication of the industrial sector that the authors organisation operates in, an identification of the KSFs that are usually applied in that sector, and an assessment of how the organisation is currently performing against those KSFs. That requirement was well covered in this post, which provided a strong foundation for the analysis to come.UNDERSTANDING AND KNOWLEDGEThe second part of this weeks task required an assessment of the significant changes that could materially affect the chosen industry, and an anticipation of how those changes would impact the role that the student expected to play in the change process. This submission took rather a narrow approach to the identification of potential change drivers, and a more inclusive approach would have been preferable. This is important, for the ability to anticipate a largely uncertain future is something that will need to be considered in greater depth in the week 8 PDP post.CONCLUSIONSEarlier comments suggested that the author would be able to identify the areas in which current performance levels would need to be enhanced if the future was to be successfully confronted. The submission effective in meeting this requirement, and it was pleasing to see a specific indication of future PD activity that would be pursued.