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In your own words, explain the articles pertinence to anthropology.

Each student will review an article on a topic in anthropology. Please select articles from publications dated 1980 or later. The following instructions should be followed to get the best grade possible in your review. Use a library’s periodical database and look for professional journals on anthropology. You may go off-topic from Cultural Anthropology for this assignment and find and review an article on archaeology, linguistics, or biological/physical anthropology: any of the four sub-disciplines of general anthropology. Complete your article review according to the outline below: IDENTIFICATION OF THE ARTICLE (maybe in list form) Article Title Author Periodical Title Date of Periodical How many pages or page numbers (The remainder should be in paragraph/short essay form, but please separate the sections with the Roman Numerals II, III, & IV) SUMMARY OF ARTICLE In general terms, what was the article about? State the authors main point(s) or purpose. Were supporting examples, data, or research studies mentioned? State whether you believe the article to be written by an academic or an applied anthropologist. III. APPLICATION TO ANTHROPOLOGY Were any anthropological research methods mentioned in the article? In your own words, explain the articles pertinence to anthropology. What was the authors conclusion, i.e.: where any actions or further research recommended? (What are your personal thoughts on the article?) Do you agree/disagree with the author? Would you recommend this article to other students in an introductory anthropology course.