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Independent Vs. Mass Appeal

As a core member of the Sixth Generation of Chinese filmmakers, Jia Zhangke continues to focus on creating films that uphold the rich artistic traditions of the country. His career is marked by a number of exceptional independent film works that have each done their part to elevate the status of China in the global film industry.

One of his most recent works however, entitled Ash is Purest White, seems to be challenging the line between independent film and one of mass appeal.

and develop an essay that examines whether or not this film fits more closely with independent cinema or one of mass appeal. You should employ the use of your textbook, course lectures, and any other credible sources that you find relevant. Your assignment should be at least 275 words in length.

Be sure your essay addresses the following points:

Based on the film’s synopsis and theme, does it seem more independent or mass appeal?
Does the film seem to align with Jia Zhangke’s overall film aesthetic?
Hypothetically, if this film does seem to be of mass appeal, would that be considered a bad thing? What are the inherent pros and cons associated with both independent cinema and commercial cinema?