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individual and organisation learning and development

The assignment consists of a written essay chosen from one of the following titles and is an opportunity to research a particular topic taken from the overall subject of learning and development. In answering the question chosen it is important that a wide variety of sources are used to support the analysis and it is expected that current surveys and academic sources are referenced accordingly. The main aim of this essay is for students to consider not only the theory behind learning and development but to show how this is used in a practical manner in the workplace in the UK. The word count for the essay is 3,000 words and there is a 10% leeway either side without penalty.the following questions to answer:Staff turnover in the UK is currently 14.6% according the latest report on Labour Turnover rates (Xperthr, 2019). This has been steadily rising and organisations have to consider ways to retain staff. Critically evaluate the uses of learning and development to retain staff in organisations.The grading criteria for this assignment is as follows:70% + – An excellent use of further research and reading beyond the materials given in class. Evidence of clear links to current practice and use of relevant sources to illustrate examples. There will be excellent use of critical analysis of theory and practice to demonstrate understanding of application of knowledge. Thorough use of theory and research to support the answer of the title chosen and clear links to actual practice in the subject area. Clear, logical arguments given and layout will flow naturally with no grammatical or spelling errors. Correct use of Harvard referencing throughout.The submitted work should show a balance between theory and current best practice in the UK and will be marked against the criteria below. Please include a word-count on the front cover.1. Understanding and use of the literature 25%2. Linking theory to practice 30%3. Evidence of analysis and critical evaluation 25%4. Structure, writing, referencing and presentation 20%for the references, please use the LSBU Harvard style ( as shown in the file )