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Information Technology Privacy and Ownership

1. Customize the title page for your own paper. This includes editing the Running Head in the page header, the title of your paper, and your name. If you dont know how to edit a header in Word, Google for instructions on how to edit a header in the version of Word you are using and follow the instructions.

2. Add a table of content with an outline of all your major points and subpoints.

3. Write a 150-250 word abstract for your term paper (on p. 2 of the Paper Template). The abstract should be a brief summary of your paper.

4. Add an Introduction

Introduction goes after the Abstract. Be sure the students include all of the following using level 2 heading:

The background of the topic
Statement of the Problem
Statement of the Purpose
Research Questions
Significance of the Study

5. For each major section of the paper, you need to customize the sub-headings. You may add additional sub-headings, as needed, but each section must have a minimum of three sub-headings, except for the Recommended Improvement section, which must have a minimum of five sub-headings. Be sure to be descriptive in your sub-heading names, so that I know what content you intend to cover in each sub-heading.

6. Add your references.

NOTE: This assignment has the classroom TII (TurnItIn) feature turned on. This means that once your assignment has been submitted to this area, it will automatically be submitted to database to generate an Originality Report with an Originality Index. It takes anywhere from a minute to 24 hours (or longer) for this report to be generated and returned to the classroom assignment area. Check often to see if the report has been generated.