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Inpatient oncology Unit

Your written report should be no fewer than 7 pages in length, no more than 10 pages in length (double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins). Aim for roughly 1-2 pages per section. All references should be properly cited using APA style (in-text and reference page). Use APA format for report (title page, headers, subheaders, etc.). Your title page and references do not count toward the 7-10 pages. You must have a total of five (5) citations (interviews count towards this total).Human Resources ConsiderationsWhat healthcare professionals are typically employed in the setting? Briefly describe the roles/responsibilities these professionals may play in this setting, highlighting roles/ responsibilities that may be different from traditional roles.What recruitment and/or retention challenges exist in this setting?Reimbursement ConsiderationsWhat types of reimbursement models are common in the setting (i.e. fee-for-service, capitation, bundled payments, etc.)?How has reimbursement influenced the operations in this setting?What are the biggest challenges posed by reimbursement in this setting?Health Information Technology ConsiderationsWhat types of health information technology (HIT) are common in the setting? (Note: refer to Table 5-1 on p. 160 in the text)What new or emerging HIT is currently being explored in this setting?What are the biggest challenges to security and confidentiality of patient information in the setting?Regulatory ConsiderationsWhat regulatory bodies oversee organizations in the setting (i.e. Joint Commission, state public health department, etc.)?What are the key regulations that influence the operations of organizations in this setting?Care Coordination ConsiderationsWhat other types of facilities/settings do organizations in your chosen setting work with frequently?How do professionals across these settings work together to coordinate patients care?What are the biggest challenges to care coordination in this setting?