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Integrating voice interface technology on essential gadgets

the paper is on Integrating voice interface technology (voice command) on essential gadgets

-Utilize Tebeaux and Draggas Formal Report format.
-Cite at least six (6) sources using proper APA formatting.
-Provide a clear and strong recommendation for or against the use of the tool or technology.
-Be at least 1,500 words.

in the paper format. use this—
TO: ENGL221 Technical Report Writing
FROM:Voice of Reasoning corp (this is a made up company)
SUBJECT:Integrating voice interface technology on essential gadgets
INTRODUCTION:-( edudemius section)
Methodology:( edudemius section) at least 1500 words-technical report . 6 sources included
result/conclusion: ( edudemius section)
References: ( edudemius section) ABC order, APA format

overall be creative, make it sound believable.try to write in a active voice. we already know most things have voice.

A good topic to create a paragraph for example,
-putting voice command on medical stuff. like PORTABLE HEART DEFIBRILLATOR..
– example- how with covid-19 we need most things to be hands free. so we dont get infected.