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International Economics module exam questions

Please find attached a PDF of the course module with recommended readings.1. In what ways is geography relevant for international merchandise trade development?2. Answer BOTH parts of the question with reference to the Heckscher-Ohlin model:a) Explain how international trade leads to a convergence in factor prices.ANDb) Discuss the relevance of the Rybczynski theorem for developing countries.3. Discuss the role macroeconomic imbalances have played in the Eurozone crises. Under what conditions could the Eurozone be an Optimal Currency Area.4. Are regional trade agreements a stepping-stone to Doha-style multilateral deals?5. What are the rewards and risks of using fixed exchange rates? Should countries shift from fixed to flexible exchange rates?6. Is investment by MNCs a good thing or bad thing for international development? Should developing countries welcome FDI as a way to promote development?