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Interpersonal relationships

Requirements for Stage #2:
A) Methodology:
1) Choose one concept from chapter 10 of the10 of
Together: Communicating Interpersonally.
2) For each chapter, write one paragraph in which you . . .
a) identify the chapter number, and the concept that you selected from that
b) define the concept in your own words. Do not quote the texts definition of
the concept.
c) apply the concept to yourself by giving a specific example of that concept from
your own communicative life. Your example should not be a vague generalization about your
interpersonal communication. Rather, the example should describe a specific instance when the
concept manifested itself (or was apparent) in your interpersonal communication. Be sure to explain
how the concept manifested itself (or was apparent) at that time.
3) Be sure to include transitions between paragraphs. Your transitions should link your
paragraphs together in clear and thoughtful ways.
B) End your paper by writing a one-paragraph conclusion that, based upon the content of both
stages of your paper, summarizes your strengths and weaknesses as an interpersonal
communicator. In addition, you should identify some ways in which you could increase your
competence as an interpersonal communicator.
C) In addition to the above requirements, be sure to hand in a revised version of your Stage
#1 paper, which incorporates the feedback that I gave you on that paper.
Grading Criteria: I will take into account the following criteria when grading each stage of your major
written project:
A) The extent to which the meanings of your concept definitions correspond to the meanings
detailed in the text
B) The clarity, thoughtfulness, and accuracy with which you apply the concepts to your own
interpersonal communication
C) The level of specificity of your application examples
D) The clarity and thoughtfulness of your transitions
E) Correct spelling and grammar
F) The clarity and thoughtfulness of your Introduction and Conclusion
G) Adherence to assignment parameters (e.g., paper format and paper length)
define motives of deception
Then define only one from six different motives