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Is America An Oligarchy?

Compose your proposal using the directions provided in the lesson above. Your essay needs to meet the following requirements:
-Your paper should be formatted in MLA style. Check out the “MLA Citation Help” page in the ENG101&102 Research Guide for additional assistance, if needed.
-Your paper should have a cover page, introduction, review of sources, a plan to collect information, an overview of challenges, a conclusion, and a Works Cited page.
-Your paper should be 4 to 6 double-spaced pages in length, exclusive of the cover page and Works Cited page.
-You may use the first person in this paper. Just make sure to keep your voice consistent.

I have already done an annotated bibliography for class and I’m expecting the professor to see some of the sources I used for that assignment for this one. Please use some of these sources (you don’t have to use all of the sources).