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Is Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) a viable solution to the challenges of climate change?

The title of which is “is a viable solution to the problem of climate change”I have completed some preliminary aims and objectives, which can be amended but give a starting point.There is an uploaded dissertation guidelines that includes a checklist that should be used to layout the dissertation.I have also included an example work given by my institution to help give you an idea of what is expected. This will be plagarism tested via turnitin so all work will need to be original or correctly cited.I require you to go out and read relevant papers such as the latest IPCC report on climate change as well as papers on carbon capture storage (CCS) and perform a literary review on data and a some form of statistical test and then visual representation of the data. This all needs to be own work, while data sourced can be secondary I need it to be taken and new things done with it and it newly complied.As an example this could be given levels of greenhouse emissions how much carbon capture storage would need to be rolled out to see any significant reduction in atmospheric levels. Then given this spending would it viable. Current spending on ccs vs other climate change policies is another avenue to look into.Focus your efforts into the gathering of data and then the results and conclusions sections and look at the example work i have given for guidance.