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Is resistance to change really the norm?

Watch the HS-Talk by David Lewin on Change Management. First, write a very brief introductory summary of the key aspects of this HS-Talk and then, answer the following questions:

Is resistance to change really the norm?
What examples of revolutionary or discontinuous change can you cite?
What is the congruence trap and how can it be avoided?
How can organizations develop ambidextrous capabilities?
Why do so many transformation big leaps fail?
How can leaders foster an organizational culture that is conducive to change?
Use at least 3 academic sources to support your line of argumentation.

Grading scheme:
Quality of the summary (key points, overview)
Line of argumentation
Quality of reflection and transfer
Quality of additional sources (articles)
Formal quality (citation if necessary, style and language, grammar and punctuation, overall impression)