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Is the promotion of Human Rights helping Africa? Are Human rights eurocentric?

Your research paper should be 15 double-spaced pages, not including references(also double spaced).Please organize your paper into these five section, using these section headings.This is the standard organization of any research paper or article.Title Catchy and clever is always best; fine to have a two-part title separated by a colon.
Introduction(1-1.5pages)This is your chance to grab the readers attention and make her want to read your paper. The best way to do this is to present your paper topic as an important question that needs to be answered. So ,state your research question in the most compelling terms in the first couple sentences.State it as a question.Then, you want to very briefly note what research has been done in this area, or the background of your question. Finally, you want to state what your main original argument is in the paper( you answer your research question).
Background(3-4pages)This section contains a discussion of some of the pertinent literature on your research question(it is sometimes labeled with the section heading Literature Review). This section should ideally go from the general to the specific. You should make the case that your research builds on an existing body of knowledge, and ideally your research will fill a gap in that literature. You want to give the reader only the necessary background information she needs, and present it in a way that makes your question seem sespecially interesting and important.Research Strategy(1-2pages)If you collectedany kind of original data, use this section to explain exactly how you gatheredthis information. Original data could include interviews, archival research, analysis of quantitative data, etc. If you did not collectoriginal data but instead analyzeddifferent cases, use this section to make clear how you chose your cases. If your research paper didnot use original data or case studies, describewhat the reader needs to know about your research strategy and include it in this section.Findings(5-6pages)Thisistheheartofyourpaperwhereyoupresentyourowndataandanalyses.Thissection should be divided into 3-4 subsections, each indicated by a new subheading .Conclusion(1-1.5pages)Begin this section by restating your research question (but do it in a way that does not seem too repetitive).Thenstateyourmainfindings(again,ideallyinawaythatdoesnotseem repetitive). Then state your main argument. Finally, discuss the broader implications of yourfindingsfor
2addressingtheissueyouarefocusingon(developmentinAfrica,womens empowerment, etc.). If possible, end by discussing some concrete, real-world policy implicationsorideasforinterventionsetc.thatemergefromyourresearch.References(1-2pages)Youshouldhaveataminimum10references total but not more than 20.At least 5of these references should be new readingsor sources notfrom the class required readings (OK of course if some of these new referencesare the same ones you used in your research proposal/annotated bibliography).Asdiscussed in class, please use the ChicagoAuthor-Datecitation style.Please be sure to alsocite your references correctly in the body of your paper, including page numbers for any direct quotes. In the Chicago Author Date style you do this with parenthetical citations in the text. For example, Smith (2001, 34) says, Xxx..Please do notinclude any doi information in your reference, even though the Chicago Author-Date style recommends this. Also, only include a URL inyour reference ifyour source is onlyavailable online, even though the Chicago Author-Date style recommends you include URLs in several cases.