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Kantian and Utilitarian Ethics

Answer the following in a one-page (200-250 word) response. The online text book is titled A Brief Introduction to Philosophical Thinking ver. 0.21

In the Jeremy Bentham selection (Chapter 23 in the online text), Bentham supplies several different ethical principles. One is his principle of asceticism. A) Explain this idea in your own words, and B) relate it to the basic principle of utilitarian ethics generally. If you struggle with the latter, you may want to watch the recorded lectures before answering.

On page 343 in the selection of Waller, refer to the paragraph next to the hand-drawn asterisk. According to Kant, can one be commanded to love another? Answer by constructing an argument with an example.

A woman experiencing a complicated pregnancy with triplets is told that if she brings all three fetuses to term, it is almost certain that they will all suffer brain damage. If she terminates one of them now, it is very likely that the remaining two will develop normally. The mother must make a decision. Very briefly describe the way that a Kantian would analyze the situation versus a utilitarian. What sorts of factors would each consider in attempting to determine the most defensible choice?