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Kimball’s Restaurant

Answer these questions and the actual case study will be linked in additional materials.

1. What would you suggest to Tyler to improve the restaurants operational efficiency? Examine the businesss inputs, processing, and outputs. Formulate recommendations to streamline the business transactions. What type of reports do Liz and Michael need? How would you alter the back-office work to better suit their needs?
2. Based on Tylers request, his parents provided some questions. Michael knows that some meals are selling better than others, but he can only guess which ones. What sales and operational data do they need to maximize revenues and profits while minimizing costs? What data will help them to make decisions on how to operate and manage their business? What information technology system(s) would you recommend for gathering and reporting the necessary information?
3. The point of sale system tracks, if it is used properly, all customer guest checks for the restaurant.
4. The professional advisors have provided some insight on customer sales and costs.
5. Using the classifications in this chapter, identify the business functions within Kimballs. What business functions could assist Kimballs to gain efficiencies in the backhouse operations? List those functions and their benefit to the business.

6. How would you develop a target market plan to increase clientele for the restaurant? What types of marketing data would you need to for this effort? Could social media be used as a component of the target marketing plan? What information systems could be utilized to assist with this marketing and promotion effort? What data is necessary to gather in order to track and monitor those efforts?
7. The reliance on the new system will require some type of backup of the production data. What advice would you offer Tyler for this important function?
8. Consider the entire operation of a restaurant. Identify and discuss the various hardware devices that Tyler should expect to install.
9. What types of software are needed by Kimballs to assist them with their operations? What application software do you believe would complement their point-of-sale system?
10. Tyler has heard a great deal about the differences between Windows and Mac-based software for graphics and artistic work. Now that you have two new Windows-based personal computers for the restaurant, should you consider additional hardware components or software to work on their graphs needs?