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Knowledge Management Technologies

You are a vice president of a for-profit, private intelligence company. You have been approached by the mayor of a large city to provide intelligence services, including intelligence collectors and analysts, to a fusion center under the direction of the local police department.Assignment GuidelinesAddress the following in a research paper of 9001,200 words:Identify and describe 35 technologies that might be available at the fusion center to which the private intelligence company may not have had prior access.Examples include the following:Data miningAdvanced databasesSuspicious activity reporting (SAR)Information exchange packagesInformation sharing environment (ISE)Geographic information systems (GIS)What problems exist with the use of the selected technologies? Explain.Will equipment (computers, etc.) be supplied by the fusion center? Explain.What are the legal issues that could apply to the use of federal databases used by a private entity?Consider liability, authority and responsibility, and duties.Will the private intelligence personnel report to their immediate employer or representatives of the police department? Why?To whom should all reports be addressed? Explain.Will copies be available to the private intelligence company for its records? Why or why not?Who will be responsible for financing and payment of invoices? Explain.What kinds of communications technology will private intelligence collectors and analysts use to communicate with the other fusion center stakeholders? Explain.Would they have access to secure federal channels or networks? Why or why not?Compile your responses into the final report, and submit the file to your instructor.Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.