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there are two questions which must be answered fully to the best of ability which are 1000 words each and must be reference using the OSCOLA format. the refrences used must be law journals any academic sources. use NELSON. my NELSON login is 17447329 password is Moneyboy1234the questions I want answered will be detailed below and must strictly be 1000 words constantly referring back to the question at hand:Question 1) The robust justice element embedded in the principle of promissory estoppel makes it a viable and meaningful alternative to the doctrine of consideration. per Orit Gan, The Justice Element of Promissory Estoppel, St Johns Law Review, Vol 85, p.55-100. Discuss the accuracy of this statement.Question 2) Alfred wished to sell his Xbox console and put an advert in a newspaper called the Exclusive Gamers which stated Offer for Sale, Xbox one console with two controllers for 400 pounds followed by his phone number.On Monday, Ben contacted Alfred to express his interest and drove thirty miles to his house to inspect the Xbox. Ben told Alfred that he would pay 350 but that he must have a written answer by Wednesday.On Tuesday Alfred decided to sell the Xbox console to Ben and sent an email to Bens office email account in the morning. Ben was out of office on Tuesday and was unable to access his emails from home due to problems with his broadband.Not having heard back from Ben, Alfred posted a letter to Bens home address on Wednesday, but the letter was lost in the post and never reached Ben.Meanwhile, Ben, not having heard from Alfred on Wednesday, decided to purchase a different Xbox console from another seller. Ben drove to Alfreds house to tell him in person that he was no longer interested. Alfred was however away from home at the time, so Ben left a message with Sarah, Alfreds mother.Alfred was away from home that day because he was with his good friend Matthew discussing debt payments. A few months ago, Matthew borrowed a total sum of 3,000 at interest from Alfred and has since struggled to pay Alfred back.At their meeting, Alfred promised Matthew that he would not claim the interest on the debt if Matthew paid the principal sum within two weeks. Following that conversation Matthew proceeded to pay back the principal sum within the two-week period Alfred specified.Advise Alfred as to whether:-