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course is wine business- THIS IS A REPORTMentor interview report -20%This is a report respective to the successful interview of mentors. It will be approximately 1500 words in length and needs to provide an overview of your findings from the interview and will include a list of interview questions that were asked by your team and your personal assessment (with examples) of the quality and quantity of the information that was received. It will also include a summary of what was learned from answers to questions posed by other groups and your views of the success of the interview overall. You should also include identification of information that you still need to acquire and where you may source this. PLZ LISTEN TO RECORDING OF THE INTERVIEW ON MYUNI PORTAL AND THEN WRITER THE REPORT-Here are the things this assignment will be marked on -MARKING GUIDEReview of company and background- WORTH 20% of the grade Key points discussed in interview- worth 20% of the grade Key tasks resulting from interview- worth 20% of the grade Identification of information required to address tasks-worth 30% of the grade Grammar, spelling, referencing layout – worth 10% of the gradeNOTE TO WRITER – review of the company and background part i don’t need u to do as i am doing this myself and also the key points discussed in the interview i am doing some of it but you can plz contribute to this a bit and add a few lines about this and you will be working on the remaining things as given above. i HOPE THATS CLEAR! -YOULL BE answering the following – what discussions took place in interview what main issues will we be working on what i plan to do in future to address that-YOU WILL NEED TO LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW, WHICH I WILL TELL U WHERE AND HOW TO FIND ON MY UNIVERSITY PORTAL- BASED ON THAT INTERVIEW LISTENING U WILL WRITE THIS INTERVIEW REPORT. – KINDLY DO NOT DO INTRODUCTION AS I AM HANDLING THIS PART- I WILL GIVE MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS ASSESSMENT such as the questions asked by people in the class to the mentor-this u can hear yourself when u listen to the recording but ill provide it anyway i was present on the day this interview happened so i will be able to help u out with additional info for this assignment -KINDLY MAKE SURE U ARE UNDERSTANDING MY INSTRUCTIONS WELL, IF NOT JUST PLZ ASK ME INSTEAD OF DOING WRONG WORK.