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Legal and Ethical consideration in practice

There are 6 questions for assignments. You need to only answer 1 of the them. in my opinion the easiest one dementia as it is specific with what it wants to be answered and there are quite legal staff around the subject such as Mental capacity act and so on. and according to second easiest one youth crime as it is specific with the question and there are again many legal staff around youth crime. I found rest of the question quity difficult such as euthanasia as there is no law around but just you need to find case reviews for this question if you decide to do it and others are difficult for me. However, you can answer any one of them whichever you fell most comfortable to do it. I do not mind as long as I received a good grade. I am uploading the all the necessary papers. Please read very carefully especially the files name Explanation of Learning Outcome to understand how to handle this assignment Also, please make sure you come out, you meet all the learning outcomes. All of the explanation and files is voice recording except learning outcome ant the questions which I converted to writing. My English not the best quality so please try to understand from files want I mean. Also, it is very difficult to convert to voice recording writing.There are a file for every question question with the same title you to read and understand how to do it.