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Level of Processing in Memory

The first document includes what parts the paper needs I don’t need a title page. Please follow the instructions the professor provided. The purpose and method part is already done. It’s provided for you so the rest of it is easier to do. The second document is the article needed for writing part of the introduction and discussion. This is one of the sources. Besides this, I need two other sources. The next document is the data from the experiment conducted, needed for the data analysis, results, discussion, and table, and figure portions. The following documents, are just things the professor has said about the assignment that might help you. Thank you so much! Feel free to email me if you have any questions at all! The parts you are doing are the Abstract (just a paragraph), Introduction (1-2 pages), Data Analysis, Results, Discussion, References, Table, and Graph. (Note: In the experiment, subjects are 44 psychology students, 8 of them are male and 36 are female.)