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Localisation of Abortion

An essay about legalising abortion in Northern Ireland by pretending that very recent change in the law (1st of April this year) has not yet happened. You can of course use the change in your essay in the sense that that is the change in the law you can suggest takes place, but you do not have to do this and can argue for any form of legalisation of abortion.You would need to develop 3/4 large arguments in the essay. Those arguments should be legal and ethical. Use the ethical theories of autonomy and sanctity of life. Some arguments have both legal and ethical aspects, others are just legal or just ethical. You can use any of these arguments in your essay.When presenting the argument you can choose any order you want, so legal legal legal ethical ethical ethical or legal ethical legal ethical is all fine. Key is to convince the reader that the argument for change in the law is better than the arguments against changing the law.This logically means you have to discuss at least some arguments against your position in the essay because otherwise you would not be able to say why we would need to change the law.Arguments are different from opinions, make sure you back up what you say with references to academic articles/books.Make sure that one paragraph in your essay discusses not more than one coherent point, so that after reading a paragraph the reader knows what your argument and position is for that argument and can move on to the next one in the next paragraph.Engage with the (very extensive) academic literature on this topic.