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Managing people

This is an individual assessment. In this assessment task, you are asked to submit an essay to demonstrate your understanding of a significant component of the unit. You will be expected to undertake research, critically evaluate your sources and provide examples to support a consistent argument all skills that you can develop with practice and that will help you in many spheres of your life. Evidence of independent, quality research will be highly regarded.You can choose either of the following questions to answer:Question 1The outbreak of COVID-19 is primarily a public health issue, but it is also having a major impact on the economy and the financial system. The result has been major disruptions to economic activity across the world. This is likely to remain the case for some time yet as efforts continue to contain the virus (Reserve Bank of Australia, 2020). Many Australian companies have been affected negatively by COVID-19. What elements of the general environment would have the most impact on Australian companies and how would organisational culture help them develop dynamic capabilities in order to survive and thrive in the changing environments? Use management theories and examples from management/business perspective to support your answers.ORQuestion 2When it comes to ethics, many managers believe that while in Rome, do as Romans – to what extent you agree or disagree with this viewpoint? Justify your answer by looking into the various ethical perspectives as outlined in the text, and other sources.2. Length:2000 words. A variation of 10% either way will be accepted.3. Cover page:Full essay question4. Journal Articles:Argument or discussion uses a minimum of five peer-reviewed journal articles and two scholarly books (three if also using the text book) and all are referenced in the essay.5. Presentation & Format:Submission must be in Microsoft Word format or PDF format. The font should be in size 12 and in Arial or Times New Roman style. The paragraphs should 1.5 line spaced and the pages should be with margins of at least 25mm.6. Referencing:Use Harvard referencing style.