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Marketing MYSELF using marketing terms & rules

This is project for a 300 level marketing course. The outline I have attached explained what I need for the assignment. Please keep it in the same format. The product is MYSELF. So, the goal of this project is to basically talk about myself using marketing or in other words how I will be marketing myself in the job market once I’m ready. Assignment is like a marketing analysis case study style, but the product is me. Again, I have a very detailed outline on what I need (please see the uploaded word document below). Since the product is ME, you should know that I’m in the mathematics field, specifically applied math, with a minor in business. When I’m out of school, I plan to do work where I can connect science with business. As for now, any industry is free game. For instance, the insurance industry, Finance, Government, etc. Any company is also free game like NSA, NASA, US Census Bureau, JP Morgan, etc.