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Marketing Strategies

BELOW is a business idea pitch from our group. Please highlight and justify the MARKETING STRATEGIES to be used for this business model.Our group has had the idea to create an application called Onsite Quotes, that allows the builder to quote jobs quickly and easily and then share them with their favoured contractors. The application will be for residential builders and has the potential to accurately quote projects up to the size of a three storey house. The aim of the application is to eliminate the middleman A.K.A estimator and allow direct communication between the builder and the contractor through the design and pricing stage of the project.When initially quoting the job, the builder will input as many details as possible about the project and the specific work that needs to be completed into the app. The application will then use the internet source the price of relevant materials and labour hire from the most updated sources on the internet to give an accurate price on the work. Once the builder has completed the quote and is happy with the prices they can then invite their chosen contractors to look at the quote of work relative to them for review. The contractor is then able to access the work allocated to them to see if they would like to take the work on or make comments and suggestions on design and pricing for a review by the builder before accepting the job.The data can be physically inputted by the builder, or photos can be taken of the plan and then scanned into the application and an automatic calculation can be completed. The more information that is added about the work that needs to be completed the more accurate the initial quote will be. The application will be able to price civil works, structural works, fitout, renovations, extensions and different trade specific works.Market ResearchMarket Trends and DemandsMarket SegmentCompetitors and StrategiesAfter some research on the current market, the team noticed that many of the applications are geared towards larger scale projects. That is why the team has decided to focus on smaller residential projects as a niche. This decision to focus on this sector allows us to tailor the application to this clientele and make it more specific to these builders needs.CompetitionBuildxactAirtaskerMeasure and prices jobsTake-offs from the plan and automatically links costsAlthough they mainly focus on the larger scale projects which is where we are different, able to focus more in depth on the smaller builders needs