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Mechanical Engineering – Numerical Modelling of flow

Title of Essay: Numerical modelling of flow over an array of boxes along a straight line.project description: It well know that bicycle peloton travels in straight line to minimise fatigue. In this project, you shall approximate cyclist using rectangular boxes. You will create CAD drawing of an array of boxes using “SOLIDWORKS” arranged in a straight line, import the CAD into “ANSYS WORKBENCH” and perform CFD analyses.Project objective: to find the optimal speed for the spacing you have chosen.I have added the assignment brief that contains the assignment specification and grading rubric.Prior to this, I have already completed a powerpoint presentation about the project. it gives an insight on what should be written in the final report. However, the PPT says that I will create a CAD design of a Bicycle in order to increase the accuracy of the project. This can be neglected given the Current circumstances of the CoronaVirus and the time limits (please explain this in conclusion)The PPT also includes an image of what the CAD design should look like.In addition, I have added the report template that should be followed as closely as possible.please include as much diagram and screenshot of ANSYS with explanations.