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Media and Terrorism

Media and Terrorism Write a 34 page paper addressing standard response methodologies through a discussion of the role of the media as it relates to reporting and disseminating stories related to terrorism. Select one past incident where the media has served as a force multiplier for terror groups. Explain how the media actually benefited the terror organization or promoted the desired effect by the terror group. Select an incident where the media had a positive effect in minimizing terrorist effectiveness, and explain how or why. State what you see as the role of social networking as it relates to both enabling terrorist activity and thwarting it. To better understand the method of response involving observational theory you must consider the “Methods for Media Analysis.” One method used by the media is frame analysis. This method forms a theory of a cultural topic to shape our understanding of current happenings without firm evidence. This type of analysis indicates how a news event can be structured to emphasize certain aspects of an event and omit others. View/download Assignment Checklist NOTE: This Assignment will require outside research. Use at least three credible sources beyond the text material and discuss how you evaluated the credibility of the resources used. You may consult the Library, the internet, the textbook, other course material, and any other outside resources in supporting your task, using proper citations in APA style.