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Medication safety education – Discussion section in the qualitative chapter

Aims of the study or Research questions Brief / summary of the findings of the document review themes (from the tables) Brief / summary of the findings (sub-themes) under the high-level themes:1. The medication safety curriculum (i.e. content and curriculum guides such as WHO)2. The teaching processes (i.e. time allocated, mode of integration and methods used specially UPL & IPL and simulation with other methods suggested).3. Evaluation of medication safety education (i.e. perceptions on adequacy of current education with brief summary on barriers and strategies) Findings in the context of other studies. Discuss the Importance of my results/work in relation to what was published before. Implication of my findings on the research/field. Make 1 2 Recommendations for next researches needed in the future.Note: most of the above items are available in the chapter but need to re-write and make it shorter (by removing repetition and unnecessary paragraphs).