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Microbiology Lab Report

Tip for the assignment Lab Report
The lab report has four parts. Please explain yourself completely and write your lab report using complete sentences. Each part of the lab report should begin with a separate heading: 1) The Introduction: Discuss the topics discussed in the task instructions/rubric.
2) Materials and Methods: Explain how you performed your experiment. You do not have to include every detail; please just explain how you performed your experiment in your own words. 3)Results: Explain the measurements that you took for the zone of inhibition generated by each antibiotic. You will also note that your organism is resistant, intermediate, or susceptible to each antibiotic. 4) Discussion: Discuss the significance of your results by describing the effectiveness of each antibiotic on controlling the growth of Staphylococcus epidermidis. Were the antibiotics effective at killing the bacteria based on your results?