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MLK’s Impasse on Race Relations

Reflection Essay Prompt: This reflection essay is a 1000-1250 words (usually 3-5 pages), double spaced, typed (12pt – Times New Roman or Calibri) essay in which I would like you to share the thoughts that come to mind as you read Dr. Martin Luther King’s “Impasse on Race Relations.” Are his arguments cogent? Are his arguments relevant today? What institutions have a role to play in the public square or in political activism in the 2010’s? Is there a group of people that King’s arguments could apply to today? Why do you agree or disagree with Dr. King? Do his arguments inspire you to be more involved in fighting for the rights of the marginalized in your community? You do not have to answer all these questions. You may have other critical and/or insightful thoughts you want to present.


Communication and Critical Thinking (50%):

Is the topic clearly described?

Does the essay have a clear thesis?

Is the essay free from repetitive statements and fillers?

Is the essay supported with evidence from the reading material?

Does the essay critique major ideas and clearly identify relevance to the material?

Social Responsibility (25%):

Does the essay explain how the material relates to intercultural competence, knowledge of civic responsibility, and the ability to engage effectively in regional, national, and global communities?

Personal Responsibility (25%):

Does the essay explain how the material may relate to personal and civic engagement?