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Multicultural Counseling Approach

Describe a counseling model based upon issues associated with the LGBTQ community. Discus the development of a multicultural framework for future work with the population.
A.The paper should be 8 pages and should be written utilizing APA (6th Edition) guidelines (title page, headers, punctuations, grammar, references, etc.). I will grade based on the clarity, thoroughness and thoughtfulness of your paper.
B. Use the following headlines to organize your paper:
a. Brief Background-Culture, Context, History (information of the population) Connection to class concepts and outside literature very important.
b. Issues/Challenge (Summarize the issue/challenge associated with the chose population)
c. Personal Multicultural Philosophy/Counseling Theory (State your personal multicultural philosophy and explore what possible theories could be incorporated to develop and design a counseling model for the population).
d. Implications for Professional Development – (Implications for Professional Development. What needs to be done in the future in this area).