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Music Educational Practice

Instructing and Engaging Students in Learning Task 3: ASSESSMENT. Assessing Student LearningFor the purposes of this assignment, we will take a closer look at Task 3. An actual edTPA portfolio requires student teachers to submit videos tied to the lesson plans that they prepared for Task 1. For our practice task we are going to evaluate student work samples provided in LiveText, using the attached rubrics.Procedures: Select the appropriate area of licensure and view the student work samples. Complete the Rubric and Commentary templates and submit through LiveText.Assessment Rubric template (Rubrics #11-15): Mark the performance level you have chosen for each rubric. Then type the justification for your choice in the brackets [ ] above each rubric.Assessment Commentary: Type your responses between the brackets [ ] using Arial 11-point font and single space with 1 margins on all sides. No hyperlinked content is permitted. Incorporate academic language in complete sentences and paragraphs. Refer to specific examples in the student work samples. Your commentary should be at least 7 single-spaced pages including prompts, and must not exceed 10 pages. [SPE commentary should be 5-8 pages] Refer to sample Assessment Commentary responses provided.