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Namratha Oil Refineries Pvt. Ltd.: Tackling Oil Giveaway, found in your HBSP Coursepack

You must purchase the case study.1. Analyze the company using the information from the case study and also from online sources.2. Is there any information available about how common this kind of problem is?What competitors does the company have? How large is the industry? How was it affected by the Covid-19 virus?3. Perform a SWOT analysis on the business. What do you conclude from this?4. Perform a Pareto analysis of the filling process. Can you identify the main problem area?5. Perform a TAKT time analysis of the filling process and the Cycle time. What is the bottleneck?6. Perform a Fishbone analysis. Use this to do a root-cause analysis of the problem.What do you recommend to do to fix it?7. What should Kumar do?In answering these questions, you need to show your reasoning supported by information provided by your sources. You must use outside references in your research.The writeup is to be in APA format. Refer to the APA 7th edition information. You will need a one-page introduction summarizing the case and an abstract. Make sure pages are numbered and references and citations are done properly. You must cite the case study and the textbook in your references as well. You must cite your references properly in your paper.