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Natural Lighting Techniques and Their Effect on Building Design as a Mechanism for Sustainable Development in Saudi Arabia.

Dear writerhope you are well , i have attached my phd proposalmy supervisor in AUS request revised copy to accept mehere email belowHi ,Thank you for your interested in working with me.Could you please summarize your proposal in the format that we need, just two pages, please see suggest that you read some of my publications in daylighting/glare/faade design/POE to give you an idea of what I do. See my link below.Please read the ones from the last 3-4 years as that is the last work. There are some conferences as well.Maybe you could look at something more in the lines of faade design and lighting control.B Arch PhDResearch Training Coordinator School of DesignSenior Lecturer in Architecture, School of Design, Faculty of Creative Industries,