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New Venture Creation

There are five questions you will chose just will answer ((2 question)). the writer chose any two.each question worth 1225 words.The answer should be well organised, introduction, main body, conclusion.You will find a file ( THE WORK ) you should read all the fileand I will send you other PDF documents (Reports, Case-studys, ……) which you should use——————————————————————-TIPs The answer should be well organised, introduction, main body, conclusion. Make use of subheadings in your work to signpost content Include a general introduction to the theme (use statistics gathered in your research) and sum up your work with a conclusion. Make use of examples made to you thorough the course & your own via research to illustrate your point. Support your statements with theory from the research & note sources. Ideas should be well articulated.——————————————————————-THE QUESTIONSChose two of five Question1. Critically analyse the changing commercial environment, by providing examples explain how these changes impacts SMEs.2. Critically analyse the franchise business model against the development of a new independent enterprise.3. Discuss and evaluate the following statement:Innovation is more than simply coming up with good ideas, it is the process of growing them into practical use.4. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of starting and developing a family business.5. Account for the growth and importance of entrepreneurial activity over the last 20 years. Discuss in your view whether this constitutes an entrepreneurial revolution.