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Nuclear power and the public perception of it.

Your thesis statement will serve as the basis for your final research paper. An acceptable thesis statement must include the following elements: 1) it must be directly related to a particular development in atomic or nuclear science (for example, such as the invention of the atomic bomb, the civilian use of nuclear power, nuclear medicine, etc.) and 2) it must have a direct sociopolitical consequence. For example, an acceptable thesis statement would be as follows:

The political campaign undertaken against Robert Oppenheimer, the scientific head of the Manhattan Project and post-World War II member of the Atomic Energy Commission, in the 1950s,, was the direct result of the fear and paranoia fueled by the Cold War, which was made worse by the new and unique threat posed by the invention of atomic weapons.

The Thesis that I was going to use: “Since the introduction of nuclear as a source of power in the 1950s it has become the power source of the future, however many tragic disasters have tainted the publics view with many arguing for its abolishment and an end to our advancements.”