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Nurse residency Benefits of nurse internships and correlation to staff retention and patient satisfaction

The research paper will be 10 pages , page 1 title, pages 2 to 9 of substance, and page 10 will be the reference page. The research paper must be in APA format; 12-pt font, 1-inch margins, double-spaced, running head, pages numbers, etc… Include the following in the research paper: 1) Title Page: a. Include running head, page numbers, full name, date, class, and topic. 6-9 2) History of the topic 3) Impacts in Nursing 4) Interventions 5) How to apply the interventions 6) Barriers to applications 7) Reflection 8) Reference Page: a. Must include at least 10 reputable references (professional sources) from the last 5 years. b. References are cited in the correct APA format for the type of citation they represent (newspaper, book, journal, webpage, etc.)