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On the Essence of Truth – Martin Heidegger

In this paper you will be required to write a short philosophy paper (5-7 pages) in which you argue for your chosen position on a topic of your choice. You can either choose a topic that we covered in class, or use one of your own choosing. If you choose a topic that was not covered in class it is essential that you understand the philosophical implications of the topic before you attempt to write your paper. If you have a topic in mind but are not sure of what to do with it, you may email me and I will attempt to help you determine a way forward.

In this paper you should dedicate no more than 50 percent of the paper to explicating the view which you choose to argue. The rest of your paper should be dedicated to both explicating your own view (about 15% of the paper) and arguing your reasons (30%) for your view. Finally the conclusion should take up the remainder of your paper. The conclusion should wrap everything up nicely as a summary.