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Organizational Leadership Theory in Management

* Must be Chicago ASPA Manual style* must include the interviews in which( I could provide the names and department of theemployees)* as the primary subject i must analyze the application of a leadership theory to an Oklahoma nonprofit or public organization* I chose my employee who is The City Of Oklahoma City* must have at least 15 references with 8 of them being peer reviews —meaning that they come from referred journals or major credible works in leadership literature (as opposed to pop managerial approaches)* should focus on conducting a case study which should be defined as a research strategy, an empirical inquiry that investigates a phenomenon within its real-life context* the case study should not be confused with qualitative research.* It also says: no matter which issue, person ororganization you choose, you will need to use anassortment of primary and secondary source material(newspapers, agency records, interviews, etc) and thenanalyze that set of facts against one or more majorleadership theories or frameworks.* In addition, it states that: you could write on a variety of topics. You could focus on a major public policy and the leaders at the forefront and/or behind the scenes who shaped the ultimate policy and made it happen ( or defeated its passage or implementation). Or, you could describe a highly successful or deeply troubled public or nonprofit agency and analyze the issues involved from a leadership-theoretical perspective.