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Osmosis potato cells

Lab report formatName your nameTitle title of the investigationIntroduction include information relating to the topic investigation eg enzymes and temperature would require enzyme, structure, function and how factors affect the rate of reaction. You could include diagrams too. Remember to reference your sources of information.Aim: Watch the video and find the aim of the investigation. What are they trying to find out?Method Watch the video and write down what is being done for each step of the investigation.Equipment Watch the video and write down all equipment used, include concentrations and volumes, sizes etcSafety Watch the video and note down all possible hazards and risks and state the precautions required to stay safeDiagram Sketch a diagram of the main part of the investigation eg burette, measuring cylinders, dimple tiles etcVariables clearly identify the dependent, independent and controlled variablesResults table – put the results given into the correct format eg title, headings and units. You may need to calculate the mean averageResults graph either use a pc or hand draw a graph and upload to Turnitin. Make sure the axes are labelled, the scale is sensible and there is a best fit line.Discussion – describe the results and explain the results using data from your graph to support your explanation. Remember to reference your sources of information (some ,ay be the same as ones from your introduction.)Conclusion write a short summary of your findings.References list your sources of reference in alphabetic order