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Personal worldview

You are to provide (i) a description of your own answers to any 6 (out of 8) of the fundamental questions and (ii) at least one critique of your own worldview, preferably using the criteria for worldview analysis (explanatory scope, coherence, etc).

In part (i), you should interact with the different Sages and their views. That is, when offering your answers to the fundamental questions, compare and/or contrast your views with some of the Sages. When you provide your own answers, you do not need to quote from a source but you can if you like (e.g., a Muslim student might quote the Koran, another student may not quote anything at all). However, you should quote from the different sages from the class in order to explain some of your agreements or disagreements with their views. So, if you were addressing the FQ on condition and the soul, one might say, ‘I disagree with Socrates who holds that we each have individual, immortal souls (The Defence 455c) but I do agree with the Buddha who denied that we have any sort of soul (The Dhammapada 455). A good paper will: (a) provide 1 or 2 comparisons/contrasts in each fundamental question. For example, you might write on Origin that you hold to an ex nihilo creation by God and this is in contrast to Krishna who held to …., as the Bhagavad Gita says in….. A good paper will also (b) interact at least once with all four sages covered in the class. (c) always keep the ‘why’ question in mind. Why do you hold to this answer about Origins?, and why do you agree or disagree with the Buddha?, etc.