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Persuasive Speech on Why we should convert to telemedicine after Covid 19

For this assignment, you will upload a video file of yourself delivering your 5 minute persuasive speech along with your 2 to 3 minute audience Q&A. The main goal of a persuasive speech is to get your audience to accept your point of view. Examples of persuasive speech topics could include traditional books vs. ebooks or crowd sourcing the world’s goals. You will need to have at least two audience members present for your speech. Please introduce your audience members on-camera before beginning your speech (you must capture their images on-camera). Remember to thank your audience at the conclusion of your speech. You must also include an additional 2- to 3-minute question-and-answer session with your audience members at the end of your persuasive speech.

Speech Assignments
Everything you need to know for your video (speech) assignments


Audience participation is a component of your grade – you need to have at least two audience members for each speech. Depending on what type of device you have (hand-held camera, flip-cam, or a webcam), you need to:

Introduce audience members on camera before beginning any speech Introduction. Once Introduction begins, that’s when the designated speech time begins.
Upon completion of the speech conclusion, thank audience members.
Capture their images on camera. They may want to walk in front of the video lens or the lens can be turned towards them.
Note: for the Persuasive Speech, there is a required, additional 2-3 minute Q&A.