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Pharmacology and medicines management in Adult NursingCase Study Acute Pain management- MorphineWinston Walker is (Hospital Number OM234) is 20-year-old gentleman who lives at home with his parents in a four bedroomed house in SE London. He is currently preparing for a gap year as a Law student. Winston claims to be a non-smoker but uses recreational drugs namely, Cannabis when out with friends. Winston is in Accident and Emergency (A&E) department following a fall from his motorbike in the last hour. An intravenous cannula was inserted for IV fluids. He weighs 65 kg.Medical History-Appendectomy age 10 yearsAllergy- To penicillinOn admission to A&E his observations:-Temperature- 37.5c-Pulse- 96 beats per minute-Respiration rate 24 breaths per minute-Blood pressure 100/70mmHG-Oxygen Saturation- 96 % on room airPhysical Examination- Chest percussion – resonant- Palpations of chest and abdomen no abnormalities- Auscultation clear- Complaining of excruciating pain on left legProvisional medical diagnosis: Fractured left tibiaManagement-Awaiting x-ray of left leg-Morphine 10 mg intra muscular every four hours- Paracetamol one gram every four to six hours-Ibuprofen 300 mg four times per day- Bloods full blood count, urea and electrolytesReview by orthopaedic doctors once x-ray completed- Administer one litre 0.9% normal saline over eight hoursQuestion – Based on the scenario above, critically discuss Mr Winston Walkers medicine management in relation to Morphine and the role of the nurse.You will need to address the following information presented in the case studya. Pharmacological processes of the drug Morphineb. Identify and critically discuss the implications of the drug errors on the prescription sheet.c. Nursing care.d. Calculation of Intra venous (IV) fluid infusione. The role of the nurse in relation to the issue of prescribing.pls note references should not be more than 10yrs old